Centrale Fillers – The answer to your expectations !

Centrale Fillers, the answer to your expectations 

Everyone has heard of Botox, or cosmetic surgery operations like the famous “face lift”. Nowadays, there are solutions that are lighter, more natural, less invasive, less restrictive and, above all, much less expensive.
The entry of hyaluronic acid-based fillers on the market is a revolution. More volume, more hydration, more radiance, fewer wrinkles … These are the promises of these new products already widely tested and adopted! The treatment is done quickly, without pain and without sequelae. The injected gel is reabsorbed in a few months, the treatment is therefore reversible.

Centrale Fillers, a company by your side 

Centrale Fillers is a very young company, born from the observation that the universe of fillers or mesotherapy was quite opaque for a neophyte. Indeed the products are of a high technicality and we have at heart to allow all to understand their specificities.

Our online store aims to support consumers in their research, their choice and their purchases. We want to give them the means to understand and navigate the available offer.

Centrale Fillers regularly publishes articles on its blog in order to answer the main questions of its customers. We also publish a newsletter for our subscribers informing them of the arrivals of products, our best offers of the moment, news, advances and market news …

Centrale Fillers, a personalized offer  

We also thought of the professionals by proposing decreasing tariffs according to the volume of purchase (by five or by ten).

We have the desire to accompany our customers throughout their lives, to respond to their changing needs and to allow them to feel beautiful and beautiful and especially good in their skin!

To know our commitments we invite you to click on the link;) We hope to be the answer to your expectations, if it is not the case, we will strive to improve!

Paul Augustin LORHO

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