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Merz aesthetics

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Merz Aesthetics is a world-renowned German company headquartered in Frankfurt. It belongs to the Merz Pharma GmbH & Co group and specializes in the development and marketing of solutions in aesthetic medicine.

Radiesse, derma filler by Merz Aesthetics

The Radiesse product creates volume and reduces medium to heavy wrinkles. This dermal filler does not use hyaluronic acid , but hydroxyapatite which also has a dermoinductive effect. The product will then stimulate the production of natural elastin and collagen where it is injected.

By choosing Radiesse from Merz Aesthetics , your skin will regain elasticity and tone, with a natural lifting effect. It is indicated for cheeks, cheekbones, the area around the eyes, the jaw line and the back of the hand. Radiesse is available in plain 0.8ml , 1.5 ml , 3ml , and with lidocaine in 0.8ml , and 1.5 ml .

The Belotero range: derma fillers and skinboosters

This range of Merz Aesthetics made in Switzerland has CE marking. Belotero Soft 1 ml and the Belotero Soft Lydocaine 1ml are cross-linked sodium hyaluronate fillers. They are indicated for the correction of fine lines around the face and décolleté.

The product ofhyaluronic acid injection Belotero Balance 1 ml is preferred for furrows, lines and moderate wrinkles. Its medium moderating gel acts around the lips, nasolabial folds, glabellar lines and around the mouth. For more comfort, try its version with local anesthetic, the Belotero Balance Lidocaine 1ml.

For deep lines and wrinkles, skin depressions and lip projection, labs Merz Aesthetics have designed Belotero Intense 1ml and the Belotero Intense Lidocaine 1ml. The latter is a dermal filler composed of sodium hyaluronate. It is injected into the deep dermis at the level of the nasolabial fold, the area around the mouth and the eyes. It is also administered to the temples, chin and cheekbones.

The Belotero Volume (2×1 ml) and the Belotero Volume Lidocaine (2×1ml) of Merz Aesthetics have a strong volumizing effect. These derma fillers help in the restoration of cheeks, cheekbones and chin due to age. They also have an effect on fine wrinkles.

Belotero Lips are products ofhyaluronic acid injection designed specifically for lips. To blur superficial wrinkles around the mouth and improve the contour of the lips, favor the Belotero Lips Contour 1×0,6 ml. In order to increase the volume, rather discover the Belotero Lips Shape 1×0,6 ml.

The Belotero Revive 1 ml is a filler based onhyaluronic acid and glycerol. Its use is recommended on atrophied scars and photodamaged skin. But it also acts on fine wrinkles, redness and rough skin. This dermal filler also has an effect of skin booster by boosting hydration. It improves the appearance, firmness and elasticity of skin showing signs of aging.

The skin booster Belotero Hydro 1 ml containshyaluronic acid and glycerol. It optimizes the complexion and hydration of the skin of the face, neckline, neck and hands, while slightly correcting wrinkles.

Other Merz Aesthetics products available at Centrale Fillers

Centrale Fillers also offers Ethermis 3 and Ethermis 4 cross- linked hyaluronic acid dermal fillers . Ethermis 3 (2×1 ml) acts on medium wrinkles and improves the appearance of lips, bitterness folds and nasolabial folds. As for Etermis 4 (2×1 ml), it reduces medium to deep wrinkles. Furthermore, this dermal filler also restores or creates volume in the area around the mouth and cheeks and nasolabial folds.

You will also find TSK Merz cannulas: box 20u (25g, 27g / 38mm, 50mm) at Centrale Fillers .

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