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Mesolift, all you need to know

Among the revitalization and skin care treatments, the Mesolift is a must. This treatment makes it possible to quickly gain radiance, thanks to its high moisturizing power.

Let’s discover together all you need to know about this technique of aesthetic medicine: the expected results, to whom this care is addressed, the course of the session etc.

What is the Mesolift?

Mesolift, or mesotherapy of the face is a revitalizing care. It consists of small injections of a nutritious and moisturizing mixture based on hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

This treatment helps give or restore radiance to the skin by hydrating it and nourishing it from the inside. The skin becomes brighter, firm and elastic.

* Hyaluronic acid used in this treatment is uncrosslinked, that is to say it has no volumizing power but a high moisturizing power.

Expected results

The results usually appear from the first session, the skin becomes softer and more flexible. To obtain more remarkable results, other sessions will be necessary. Gradually, the skin will tighten and become radiant thanks to the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid. At the level of the hands, the skin becomes less thin which makes the vessels less apparent. At the neckline, vertical wrinkles are reduced.

Who is this treatment for?

The mesolift can be for everyone. Both to young women to prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles, and to women with mature skin having a dehydrated and “wrinkled” appearance.

Targeted areas

These are the areas where the skin is most exposed to sunlight (UV) and therefore ages faster. This treatment can be performed on:

  • The whole face (the most commonly treated area);
  • The neck ;
  • The cleavage ;
  • The backs of the hands.

Course of the session

This treatment is done in the office with a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist or a cosmetic doctor. A mesolift protocol is always preceded by an initial consultation. The purpose of this consultation is to highlight the existence or otherwise of treatment contraindications. On the day of the treatment, the entire face of the patient is cleansed and disinfected. The practitioner injects small doses of suitable products into the dermis.

There are two techniques for practicing injections:

Technique 1: Multi-Pitting (Tapping), consists of injecting very small quantities of the product very superficially. These injections will cover the entire area evenly. This technique is indicated for young skin and fragile skin areas such as forehead and hands.

Technique 2: Micro-papules, consists in injecting the product with a needle positioned at an angle of 30 to 45 ° and inserted at a depth of 2 mm (deep layer of the dermis). The interval between the bites is: 1.5 mm. This technique causes the appearance on the surface of the skin of light lesures which disappear within a delay of 24 to 48 hours. This method is rather reserved for mature skin, but also for wrinkled and dehydrated skin.

*Injections can be done by hand using small needles, or with an injector gun.

Does It hurt ?

The treatment is not completely painless. The beautician often applies anesthetic cream an hour and a half before the treatment. The local anesthetic makes the treatment virtually painless.

Rhythm of sessions

This treatment will require several sessions. Ideally 3 sessions are needed, spaced two to three weeks apart. At home, it will continue to take care of the skin using a suitable cosmetic to prolong the effects over time. The recommended cosmetics must be based on hyaluronic acid and / or vitamin C, for example the Intense STYLAGE Moisturizing Cream or the Cell Regenerating Serum of the same brand.


The contraindications are the usual ones for injections, namely:

  • Disorders of coagulation;
  • Allergies to components;
  • Autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or insulin-dependent diabetes);
  • Eczema and skin infections in progress.

Side effects

After a Mesolift session, redness is often present. They can persist up to 24 hours in rare cases. Small bruises may also appear in some patients with fragile skin.

Mesolift / Botox / Hyaluronic acid: what’s the difference?

Mesolift nourishes and moisturizes the skin while botox treats wrinkles by relaxing muscles and hyaluronic acid is injected into wrinkles to fill them.

Opinion of the French Association of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine (AFME)

“This method uses mostly natural products. It is light and gives a good boost to the skin. However, it does not remove wrinkles like fillings. Mesolift tones the skin. It gives the skins thin, sluggish, dry, tired or damaged (sun, tobacco …) an interesting result that one does not obtain with the injections of filling.

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