Microneedling, all you need to know

Microneedling, all you need to know

Over time, the skin produces less collagen and hyaluronic acid, two substances fundamental to the tone of the epidermis. This causes the loss of firmness of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. A new technique is starting to make a lot of talk about it: the Microneedling.

This non-invasive procedure is effective in reducing the signs of aging, gaining firmness and reviving the radiance of the skin.

It is a safe possibility of treatment.

Practitioners also used this treatment to correct certain imperfections such as acne sequelae, dilated pores and stretch marks.

Derma roller utilisé dans le microneedling

Microneedling definition:

Microneedling is a technique that consists of practicing on a targeted area micro-perforations using a small roller (roller / derma roller or meso roller) with fine needles, very short.

The healing of these micro-perforations will result in a cellular renewal stimulating the elastin and collagen production.

This process also has the effect of creating small channels that facilitate the penetration of active ingredients to the deeper layers of the dermis.

Who is this treatment for?

For anyone with a dull skin complexion, sagging skin, dilated pores, superficial acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, problems with hair or the skin of the body, this is the best way to treat it!

Séance de microneedling avec derma roller

Conduct of the session

The beautician carefully cleans and disinfects the area to be treated in order to avoid the penetration of bacteria into the dermis during puncture of the pimples. Then, it makes several multidirectional passages provided with a disposable roller.

The session lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. It ends with a cleansing of the treated area with a special wipe and the application of a regenerating treatment.

Expected results of Microneedling

The first results are visible after a single session. For the biggest corrections, it is necessary to envisage between 4 and 6 sessions and to have a skincare routine.

Rhythm of sessions

It is recommended to space the treatments from 15 days to one month depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

Does it hurt ?

The treatment can be unpleasant but not really painful. In some cases of treatment with long-needle rollers, the practitioner may apply anesthetic gel one hour before the session in order to limit discomfort.

Side effects

After the session, the skin is pink, small bleeding can be observed in the case of a deep treatment. The redness fades within 24 to 48 hours.

It says that it is imperative to apply sunscreen after the session. It is also advisable to apply a healing cream on the treated area.

We recommend avoiding the sun as well as all sources of heat: steam room, sauna, swimming pool, etc .; during the 15 days following the treatment.

Finally, it is recommended to apply no product or makeup except those mentioned above (sun protection, healing care)to assure you a good health.

Is microneedling suitable for everyone?

This technique is suitable for all skin types, from the lightest to the darkest.

There are of course contraindications:

  • Pregnancy
  • Acne
  • Taking anticoagulants
  • Taking anti-inflammatories
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Herpes

How does a microneedling session take place?

The microneedling can be practiced in institute with an appointment as it remains possible to realize it at home. The main advantage of doing it in beauty salons is just to enjoy a moment for yourself in the hands of a professional.


Nevertheless, for those who wish to proceed with microneedling at home, our shop Centrale Fillers offers various cosmetics and products like serum, hyaluronic acid in addition to the indispensable dermaroller so you can benefits of what you desire..


At home or in the salon, the first word of order remains “hygiene”. Thus, the dermaroller must be disinfected correctly. This precaution must always be taken, even if the Dermaroller is for single use in an institute. For reusable dermarollers used at home, sterilization is a mandatory step before and after use. Wearing gloves is recommended. The skin must also be clean, and therefore make-up removed.


Depending on your choice, you can apply a specific care before or after the passage of the needles. The Dermaroller should then make back and forth, circular and diagonal passes for about 15 to 20 minutes. To relieve the skin, it is preferable to apply a cream or a soothing and healing product.


The expected results depend on the frequency and continuity of the microneedling practice. However, no matter how much you want to see concrete effects, you will need to interpose the sessions of 15 days. Then, after each session, you should not expose yourself to the sun or to too much heat (sauna, hammam, etc.). It is also recommended to wait a few before applying makeup.

Do beauticians have the right to practice microneedling?

Beauticians do not have the right to enter the dermis, so no microneedling beyond the epidermis. You have to ask to a dermatologist.

Results before after Microneedling

Finally, we offer some pictures to help you before and after Microneedling treatments of some people on the face in office we know so you can look !
Let us know how you feel about Microneedling!

Résultats microneedling avant après

Résultats microneedling avant après

Résultats microneedling avant après

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