Belotero Soft 1ml


Belotero Soft 1ml

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Belotero Soft 1ml: “Thanks to the moisturising properties of HA, the skin is smoothed with precision.”

Belotero Soft is a sterile, viscoelastic gel made from cross-linked sodium hyaluronate, for single-use. The gel is contained in a pre-filled glass syringe, ready for injection. Belotero Soft was designed by the MERZ Aesthetics Laboratory.

The Belotero product range is manufactured in Geneva, Switzerland, in strict compliance with the current European legislation (Label CE).


Properties of the gel

Thanks to its high cohesiveness and differences in density, the Belotero Soft gel is evenly distributed in the dermis.

Belotero does not cause any discomfort and it is uncommon to feel the substance in the injected areas.

Belotero does not cause social eviction and allow you to resume to your daily activities very soon or even immediately after treatment.

The effects may last from 2 months to 4 months.


Treated areas

Product-range-BeloteroThis product, thanks to its properties, is suitable for the treatment of fine lines.

Treated areas:

  • Perioral wrinkles
  • Necklace of Venus


Belotero Soft 1ml – Product use

This product is injected in the superficial dermis. It can be injected by an authorised professional using a Hyaluron Pen,needles or cannulas.


  • Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients contained in the product
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Minors
  • Do not inject into areas with skin problems of an infectious or inflammatory nature.
  • Avoid areas already treated with a permanent or semi-permanent filler.


Belotero Soft 1ml – Results

The results are immediate, wrinkles and fine lines are filled and the skin is hydrated. Your face is instantly rejuvenated and the effects can be customised depending on your wish. Touch-ups may be necessary to improve or maintain the effects.

This treatment does not cause any social eviction.


Belotero Soft 1ml – Composition

The box contains:

  • Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate: 20.0 mg/ml
  • Phosphate buffer pH 7q.s.p: 1 ml
  • Needles 30 G 1/2

This product is made exclusively with plant-based products.


Safety Precautions

It is strongly advised to consult a professional authorised in the injection of dermal fillers before using this product.


Additional information

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