Dermaroller Fillmed 1mm


Dermaroller Fillmed 1mm


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Dermaroller Fillmed 1mm Filorga Laboratory – Description

This product contains a reusable Filorga Dermaroller and a head (disc with micro-needles for single use). This product is used with two types of existing Filorga dermaroller heads:  the Filorga thin discs x 3 and the Filorga large discs x 3.

The Filorga dermaroller is used in particular with the NCTF 135 HA.

The NCTF 135 HA is a skin booster used to revitalize, rehydrate and brighten the complexion, if you want to know more about the different types of skin boosters available, see our article: “Skin Booster: Choosing the best product to be filled”

Dermaroller Fillmed 1mm – Indication

This product is used as part of an aesthetic mesotherapy treatment. Aesthetic mesotherapy is a light solution that helps to reboost your skin. The treatment is indicated for skins that need a simple “boost”. Thanks to the various elements present in the products (NCTF 135 HA) coupled with the action of the Filorga dermaroller, your skin will look rejuvenated.

For this treatment, simply roll the Dermaroller 1-2 times on the desired areas. It must be used with caution around the eyes and on the mouth contours because a too pressed and/or repeated use could lead to inflammatory reactions.


This product consists of a Dermaroller. It contains a disposable head included with the reusable Dermaroller.

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Weight 60 g

0.5mm, 1mm


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