Desobody Love Cosmedical 5x10ml


Desobody Love Cosmedical 5x10ml

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Description – DesoBody Love Cosmedical 5x10ml

Desobody Love Cosmedical is the latest innovation in injection to dissolve localized body fat.

This is lipolytic injection, which destroys fat cells by damaging the membrane of fat cells and by liquefying fat into the treatment area.

The destroyed fat cells are then decomposed and naturally eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system.

It has proven to be safer, more effective and more comfortable than other older fat removers on the market.

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Targeted areas

The treatment area can extend to the whole body.

The desoface product from the same Love Cosmedical laboratory is reserved for the treatment of fatty areas of the face.

Implementation protocol

Injection of a 1/2 bulb every 10cm2 of localized fat if the pinch test is less than 3 cm

Injectionof a bulb every 10cm2 of localized fat if thepinch test is greater than 3 cm.

The protocol for optimal results isone session every 5-6 weeks.

We strongly recommend that you consult a professional who is authorized to inject lipolysis products before any use.

Desobody is a sterile product that should be kept cool and out of the light.


This product from the Italian laboratory Love Cosmedical has the effect of:

  • Smooth cellulite
  • Dissolve fat cells

Thanks to this product, you will be able to quickly obtain a refined silhouette. It is recommended, to define together with the professional in charge of your treatment, your expectations. This will help define a recommended number of sessions in order to achieve the desired effects.

Composition – Desobody Love Cosmedical 5×10 ml

One box contains 5 vials of 10ml.

Desobody is a sterile solution based on deoxicolic acid indicated in the treatment of body fat.


  • Water
  • Sodium deoxycholate
  • Sodium chloride
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Benzylic alcohol
  • Sodium Hydroxide

Additional information

Weight 198 g
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 16 cm


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