DR CYJ Hair Filler 1ml


DR CYJ Hair Filler 1ml

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Dr CYJ Hair Filler 1 ml – Description

Dr Cyj Hair Filler 1ml is an innovative peptide complex for scalp regrowth and scalp reconstruction.

It is a transparent, low-viscosity, sustained-release solution to be injected into the dermis.

It is a unique complex based on concentrated and encapsulated biomimetic peptides which can effectively treat all non-scarring alopecia.

This product helps reconstructing the scalp, regulating the mechanisms involved in hair loss and regrowth.

This treatment is aimed at:

  • Patients with non-scarring alopecia
  • Men and women with sparse hair
  • Hair transplant recipients in order to increase the survival rate of grafts
  • Patients with alopecia who want to create synergy with other treatments

Or even other products, indicated for hair regrowth, available on our shop.


  • Hyaluronic acid (0.70%)
  • PBS (phosphate buffered saline solution)
  • Peptide complex:
    • Hair growth: Decapeptide-28, Octapeptide-2, Oligopeptide-71, Decapeptide-18
    • Anti-hair loss: Oligopeptide-54, Decapeptide-10
    • Anti-inflammatory: Octapeptide-11


Treated areas

  • Scalp (layer of dermis on the alopecia area of the scalp in need of implantation and for the correction of the damaged scalp).

Product use – Dr. Cyj Hair Filler

Distance between each injection: 1 injection every 0.2-0.3 cm and 1cm per line

Injection depth: 3mm

Volume per point: 0.02cc to 0.05cc

  • Standard treatment: 1 session every 2 weeks for 8 weeks (Total: 4 sessions).
  • Intensive treatment: 1 session every 2 weeks for 8 weeks (Total: 4 sessions) – 1 session per month for 3 months (up to 6 months).

2 weeks gap between each session


Before treatment, do not take aspirin or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs


Protocol – Dr Cyj Hair Filler

The qualified practitioner will have to

  1. Determine and clean the treated area
  2. Press the stem so that a drop is visible at the tip of the needle
  3. Use a fine gauje sterilised needle (30-32G)
  4. Place the needle parallel to the treated area and insert it at 3 mm (superficial or medium)
  5. Inject Dr. CYJ with constant pressure by pressing the plunger. Stop the injection before removing the needle to avoid superficial application.
  6. Massage the treated area after injection.

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