Etermis 3 (2x1ml)


Etermis 3 (2x1ml)

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Description – Etermis 3 (2x1ml)

Etermis 3 belongs to the ETERMIS range designed by the German MERZ Aesthetics Laboratory. This product has a unique and patented formulation in accordance with the latest European standards in force. (CE Label)

The range is composed of 2 monophasic hyaluronic acids, cohesive, combined with mannitol (strong anti-oxidant, known for its anti-aging virtues).

Targeted Indications and Areas

This product can:

  • Correct moderate wrinkles
  • Increase the volume of targeted areas.
  • Embellish areas such as lips, bitter folds, nasogenian furrows

Application Guidelines

This product is injected in the middle dermis and can be injected using a Hyaluron Pen,needles or cannula by an authorized professional.


  • Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients contained in the product.
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Minor.
  • Do not inject into areas with infectious or inflammatory skin problems.
  • Avoid areas already treated with a permanent filler.

Results – Etermis 3 (2x1ml)

After treatment, patients notice:

  • An increased lip volume.
  • A beautiful mouth (through filling and hydration of the perioral area).
  • Medium wrinkles are reduced or even completely filled in.
  • A more supple skin because it is deeply moisturized.

The estimated duration of the results is 6-9 months on average. Touch ups can be done to sublimate the effects obtained.

In order to maintain the effects of the product, it is recommended to renew the injection every 6 months, before the product resolves completely.

As the number of injections made increases, the duration of hyaluronic acid will be longer and longer in the deep layers of the derm.

Composition – Etermis 3 (2x1ml)

  • Hyaluronic Acid (AH) concentration: 23mg/ml
  • Non-animal, plant origin
  • Sodium phosphate buffer pH 7.1
  • Presence of mannitol
  • 4 needles 27G 1/2

Safety Precautions

It is strongly advised to call on a professional authorized to inject fillers before any use.

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