HRB Plant Cell Stem 4x5ml Mediskin


HRB Plant Cell Stem 4x5ml Mediskin

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Description – HRB Plant Cell Stem 4x5ml Mediskin

A unisex hair care, Mediskin’s HRB plant cell stem 4x5ml effectively strengthens hair. It is an ideal treatment to fight baldness. This product prevents hair loss caused by various factors. Whether it’s a genetic problem or alopecia due to illness, pregnancy or stress, the HRB Plant Cell Stem will reduce their negative effects.
This product is composed of many elements involved in strengthening and stimulating the scalp. The HRB Plant Cell Stem formula consists of raspberry stem cells, zinc and various amino acids. Together, these elements intensely nourish the hair and ensure its regeneration.

Product properties

The HRB Plant Cell Stem is the recommended product to stop hair loss. The raspberry stem cells the component stimulate the hair fiber. Its effects affect the hair and give it great flexibility. This compound also brings an intense shine to the hair.

The HRB Plant Cell Stem is also enriched with zinc. The virtues of this trace element are very numerous. It affects the synthesis of collagen and keratin. These two proteins affect the hair and give it health and shine. In addition, zinc prevents hair fiber from breaking, aging too quickly or falling prematurely.
Zinc is also an ideal element to combat hair loss. It effectively fights alopecia by stopping hair loss through hair bulb strengthening. It also affects scalp growth.

Targeted Area – HRB Plant Cell Stem 4x5ml Mediskin

The scalp.

Protocol – HRB Plant Cell Stem

To fully enjoy the virtues of the HRB Plant Cell Stem, several sessions are required. 4 to 5 procedures spaced 7 to 15 days apart are recommended.
Maintenance sessions are also required for the product to take full effect. These must be programmed every 3 or 6 months.


The HRB Plant Cell Stem provides many nutrients to the hair. Its regenerating effect strengthens the hair fiber and reduces the risk of hair loss. The product is also a powerful conditioner. It provides a lot of nutrients to the scalp, ensuring its shine and growth.


The HRB Plant Cell Stem Mediskin is composed of:

  • Raspberry stem cells
  • Zinc
  • Amino acids.

Box of 4 bottles of 5ml each one

Without conservatives, parabens, collagen, the product range is made in French laboratories with ingredients of natural origin, non-animal (no animal testing)


Additional information

Weight 80 g


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