Microneedling Kit Filorga 1mm & Accessories Central Fillers


Microneedling Kit Filorga 1mm & Accessories Central Fillers

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Kit Micro Needling Filorga & Accessoires Centrale Fillers

True innovators for injectable anti-aging solutions, Filorga is one of the first laboratories to have developed a so-called mesotherapy solution to fight against skin aging: the Microneedling Filorga Kit.

This innovative treatment acts in a biological and global way on the causes and effects of aging of the skin and scalp (case of alopecia and baldness).



Filorga Laboratories:

– 10 bottles of NCTF 135HA

Accessories Central Fillers:

– 1 box containing 1 Roller 0,5mm with 3 heads of 0.2mm, 0.5mm and 1mm

– 2 x 0.2 mm roller heads

– 2 x 0.5 mm roller heads

3 x 1 mm roller heads

In total those are up to 1000 Micro-needles placed on rotating discs. Thanks to these micro-needles, thousands of micro-pores are created. This optimizes the penetration of active ingredients and gives a boost to cell metabolism.

Micro Needling Kit Filorga – Indications

We recommend this mesotherapy product for hydration and bio-revitalization if your skin looks tired and lacks radiance. If you want a slight correction of your wrinkles and if you want to re-densify your skin, we recommend it.

Also, we also recommend this product in the case of hair loss or loss thanks to the precision of the injections (0.5-0.75mm needles) as well as the poly-revitalizing complex contained in the NCTF 135 HA. We recommend its use up to cases of stage V alopecia. Beyond that, we think it is better for you to consult a competent doctor to consider other available solutions.


Target Areas

  • Face
  • Scalp
  • Neck
  • Neckline
  • Back of the hands
  • Inside the arms
  • Inside of the legs
  • Abdomen


Why use the Filorga Microneedling Kit?

  1. INNOVATIVE – Rotating capacity discs to reduce marks and scratches.
  2. Good Tolerance – Treatment is often very well received. So you can resume a normal life very quickly.
  3. Safety – In fact, the heads are for single use, all are sterilized by Gamma ray
  4. Simple and Convenient – Indeed, it covers very wide parts: neck, neckline, belly, thigh, arms.
  5. CE Label – The assurance of total traceability and guaranteed origin.

Briefly: These have been nearly 10 years of success with more than 1 million people treated.


Correction of signs of age
With nearly 55 ingredients useful for the active repair of skin imperfections

Exogenous and active hydration
Indeed, hyaluronic acid is also known to reduce the “Insensitive Loss in Water” (PIE)

Improved Radiance
Hyaluronic acid increases angiogenesis for better blood circulation.

Rebalancing ionic state
Dosed in Na +, Ca +, Mg +, K + in order to counterbalance any mineral deficiency

Duration of treatment

The microneedling filorga kit is a product with progressive results, which requires at least 5 sessions spaced according to the advice of your doctor to get a visibly younger skin.

A maintenance session is recommended every 3 months.

For more information we advise you to go to the Filorga Laboratories official website.


Scientific Studies



+ 90% * of radical protection Cell Protection Cellular Protection
+ 147% * of fibroblast proliferation Stimulation Stimulation
+ 256% * Collagen synthesis Redensification
+ 366% * expression of the regeneration elastase inhibitory gene Regeneration

Multicenter clinical study (IN VIVO)

+ 72% ** attenuation of wrinkles and fine lines

+ 103% ** improved tonification
+ 132% ** improved hydration
+ 144% ** improved radiance

* These results come from a series of in vitro studies carried out by a research center in independent molecular and cellular pharmacology in France.
** These results are drawn from a clinical study done in France with the agreement of 17 practitioners and 40 patients from 29 to 80 years, following a strict protocol of five injections of NCTF 135 HA separated by 15-day intervals. The numbers found are representative of the ratings given by practitioners and patients.

Composition of the 10 bottles of the Microneedling Filorga Kit

The major active substance: Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic Acid at a concentration of approximately 5 mg / ml compensates for the natural loss of endogenous hyaluronic acid and fills the support layer of the dermis. Its hygroscopic propensity (uptake of moisture) allows the gel to absorb up to 30 times its own water measurement.

Combined with a unique poly-revitalizing solution composed of 55 ingredients:

  • 24 amino acids designed to promote protein synthesis such as elastin, collagen, etc.
  • 14 vitamins (A, B, C, E) to increase stimulation the vital functions of cells
  • 6 coenzymes, acting as catalysts in tissue biochemical reactions
  • 5 nucleic bases because essential for the activation of cellular transfers
  • 4 minerals to reduce deficiencies and deficiencies of the epidermis.
  • 2 anti-oxidants thus conditioned to limit the creation of free radicals


Products such as the Microneedling Filorga Kit are available on our website over the counter.

Be sure to have this treatment done by a competent person to obtain the best results.

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