Lanluma V210 mg


Lanluma V210 mg

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Lanluma V 210 mg Description

Lanluma is a range of poly-L-Lactic acid (PLLA) fillers that stimulate collagen production and are well-known to be effective.
By stimulating the natural production of collagen, Lanluma will increase volumes and thus correct
skin depressions to make it look younger.

Lanluma V 210mg is quick to prepare,its favorable safety profile and effectiveness have been demonstrated.

Lanluma is not a filler like those made from hyaluronic acid as it does more than fill.
Indeed, PLLA particles act deeply to stimulate the natural response of collagen, the volume
is natural and lasts for up to two years.

Lanluma allows doctors to meet the expectations of their patients. Sinclair is willing to anticipate and respond to your needs.

Targeted areas Lanluma V210mg

Lanluma is suitable for corrections in areas such as

  • the face
  • The neck.

Lanluma V210mg Results

The results appear gradually over a period of two to three months, as the natural collagen forms before stabilizing.


The final look is very natural

In most cases, treatment requires very little social eviction.

The results last up to two years.


How to use it

Lanluma is injected into the body using a needle or cannula depending on the area to be treated, where it acts from the inside, PLLA microparticles stimulating collagen production.

Lanluma is a quick and easy preparation, an easy-to-use formula
Ready to use in just 10 minutes of agitation – 1 hour of hydration.
The product can be used within 72 hours of its reconstruction.


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