HydroFacial face and body machine


HydroFacial face and body machine

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HydroFacial body and face machine

The HydroFacial Bubble H2O machine is made of an engine base of 42.5cm long, 30cm wide and 45.5cm high, a touch screen, 3 water trays and 6 heads for the different stages of treatment.

This machine is CE-labelled and guaranteed for 6 months.

Targeted care

  • A radiance treatment: The hydrofacial machine eliminates dead skin, reduces imperfections smoothes wrinkles and restores the radiance of the complexion.
  • Acne treatment: Hydrofacial care helps shrink pores, and reduces sebum that clogs pores with deep purifying cleansing. It also helps reducing small scars, especially due to acne.
  • Restorative care: Hydrofacial treatment improves the respiratory function of the skin, and through stimulation of the cell it promotes the metabolism of the skin, in order to obtain a brightening and restorative effect. It also acts on scars and stretch marks
  • A youthful treatment: The micro-current of the bubble pen can effectively smooth wrinkles, reduce under eye bags and fine lines. High-frequency atomisation vibrations rapidly break down water molecules, making it easier for the skin to absorb oxygen and various nutrients and to be deeply hydrated.

Protocol – HydroFacial Machine

Three to five treatments are sufficient to achieve visible results.

It is possible to use products from the Stayve range or essential oils dilutable with Cetiol HE:

Neroli Essential Oil: Ideal for regenerating dry and wrinkled skin.

Organic Fine Lavender Essential Oil: Soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing.

Organic Essential oil Geranium Rosat of Egypt: Regenerating, anti-redness, anti-acne but also anti-wrinkle.

Organic Rosewood Essential Oil: Radiance care for the face, anti-wrinkle, firming and stretch marks prevention.

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil: Purifying, anti-imperfection and anti-acne care.

Precautions of use

  • Do not use irritating products for 24 hours after treatment.
  • Apply a moisturising mask for at least 1 week after treatment.


  • Sensitive skin, severe acne
  • Severe diabetes
  • Heart implants

Machine maintenance

Place the machine in a clean, ventilated place with low humidity. Do not put anything on it.

Clean instruments regularly

Do not use abrasive brushes or sponges

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