Genius Light multifunctional | mask Talika


Genius Light multifunctional | mask Talika

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Description Genius Light Mask

The Genius Light Mask is the first multifunctional mask, combining light therapy and electrostimulation.

8 programs :

First Rides (1min45)

  • – Smoothes the 1st wrinkles and firms
    – Boosts cell renewal
    – Boosts the effectiveness of cosmetic care

Anti-Age Global (3mins45)

  • – Smoothes installed wrinkles and firms
    – Boosts cell renewal
    – Rosit the complexion for a good looking effect
    – Boosts the effectiveness of cosmetic care

Anti-Taches (3mins)

  • – Improves the radiance and homogeneity of the complexion
    – Anti-inflammatory effect to prevent the appearance of spots

Anti-Imperfections (6mins)

  • – Regulates sebum levels
    – Helps with skin regeneration
    – Detox and anti-pollution effects

Anti-Stress (3mins)

  • – Soothing, anti-redness
    – Brings well-being

Blow (3mins)

  • – Rosit the complexion
    – “Anti-tiredness” effect

Detox (2mins)

  • – Detox and anti-pollution effects
    – Helps to lighten the complexion

After The Sun (4mins)

  • – Soothing, anti-redness
    – Brings well-being
    – Helps prevent the appearance of brown spots

Areas of use

The Genius Light mask is used on cleansed skin with Talika Skintelligence Hydra Water Micellaire 200ml or without cosmetic care. Their penetration is favored by ionophoresis.
1.Install GENIUS LIGHT by positioning it on your face as with glasses.
2.Make sure the gold pellets are in good contact with your skin. Adjust the fastener to your head. Take off the mask.
3. Turn on GENIUS LIGHT by pressing the center button. Select the language of your choice and the “light alone” or “light-electrostimulation” mode, then the desired beauty program.
4. Moisten your face with a thermal spray, water, or your usual lotion to promote conduction.
5. Press the center button to launch the chosen program.
6. Install GENIUS LIGHT on your face and hang the tether.
7. If you have chosen the “light – electrostimulation” mode, press the top/bottom arrows to adjust the desired intensity (from 1 to 20).
The chosen program starts and then stops automatically by emitting a “beep.”
CLEANING : Glass: Use a microfiber cloth. Electrodes: Use a standard antiseptic.
RELOAD : USB cable provided with mask.

Composition Mask Genius Light

The mask has two great technology:

Patented technology inspired by NASA’s work. We have discovered that each wavelength has targeted cosmetic virtues.

Highlighted by two co-winners of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Medicine. It is a gentle diffusion of electrical impulses with effects:
1. “Lifting effect”: reduces fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin.
2. Firming: smoothes the first wrinkles and firms the skin.
3. Toning: strengthens skin tone.
4. Shine: stimulates local microcirculation, rosies the complexion.
5. Soothing: stimulates the release of naturally soothing and relaxing molecules. They potentiate the action of light on the skin.

The Genius Talika Mask is a concentration of innovation for visible and definitive results!

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