Needle 27G 3/4 0.4 x 19mm Terumo


Needle 27G 3/4 0.4 x 19mm Terumo

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Description: Needles 27G 3/4 Agani Terumo®

The triple bevel of the27G 3/4 needle combined with silicone ensures a pain-free and resistance-free penetration. The ultra-thin wall provides a higher flow than the thin-walled needles. The rigid protector ensures the integrity of the needle until it is used. The transparent base allows instant detection of blood reflux.


Benefits of using the 27G needle

  • Apyrogens
  • Triple bevel tip – ultra-thin silicon walls for efficient and almost painless penetration.
  • Sterile needles (ethylene oxide sterilization).
  • Packaged under individual blister.
  • Equipped with a Luer cone, these syringes can be used with the vast majority of syringes on the market.



Use a professional trained in the injection of fillers.


Tips of use

Single-use needles


Precautions of employment

Do not use if the packaging is damaged. Keep dry and at room temperature. Upon completion of the needle, it is recommended that the needles be disposed to avoid contamination. Unique use only



Polypropylene Embase
Stainless steel needle
Epoxy glue
Silicone lubricant
Polypropylene Pretext Protector



Needles x 1, x 10, x 20, x 50, x 10

Only trained doctors are allowed to perform hyaluronic acid injections. Aesthetics doctors have the best training in this area and are able to offer you a set of techniques in response to your request.


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