Pack Champagne MCCM


Pack Champagne MCCM

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Description – MCCM Champagne Pack

The MCCM Champagne Pack is highly recommended for skin care. This cocktail of active ingredients and champagne,a luxury product, ensures a surprising result. Its effect results in a perfectly smooth and radiant skin.
The Champagne Pack has been designed for all skin types. The box containing this product includes different vials and items to be used simultaneously. Their combined actions remove all dead skin from the face and tighten pores to protect the skin from aggression.

Product properties

The Champagne Pack has been designed to create a skin peel. The mixture of tartar and ascorbic acids as well as the presence of baking soda make this product the ideal treatment for a smooth exfoliation. With each use, the products effectively eliminate all old epithelial cells for the renewal of the epidermis.
The combination of chemical, enzymatic and micromechanical actions gives the skin all its youth. Its quick action can be seen from the first session. This Pack is also a treatment that reduces the effects of the passage of time on the skin.

Targeted Area – Champagne Pack

The Champagne Pack has been designed for facial treatment.

Protocol – MCCM Champagne Pack

The use of the Pack by a qualified professional is recommended. When applying the products, the use of MCCM’s cleansing milk and face tonic can amplify the effects of this exfoliator.
Before starting treatment, a cleaning and a toning of the face with previously named products is advised. After the patient’s eyes have been covered with tampons, his face must be toned with the Prof Spray delivered into the box.
The skin will then need to be perfectly moistened before the champagne mask is placed there. An ampoule of vitamin C will be spread over the area to be treated and the liquid will be left to rest for 15 minutes.
Once this time has passed, the mask is to removed with cold water and the face must be perfectly rinsed with water and with the serum to remove any residue. To complete the treatment, the champagne cream will be spread on the face.


The peel made by the Pack helps to deeply cleanse the skin. Once the dead cells are removed, the pores of the epidermis tighten and the skin is smoothed and radiant. The actions of this product also help to erase the effects of the passage of years.


The MCCM Champagne Pack box contains:
5 champagne masks (6 GR);
5 ampoulebulb of vitamin C (5 ml);
5 serum ampoule(5 ml) (1 EA);
1 Prof Spray (50 ml);
1 tube of champagne cream (50 ml).

Tartaric acid;
Ascorbic acid;
Bicarbonate of soda.



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