Peeling Glycolic MCCM 30%


Peeling Glycolic MCCM 30%

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Description- Peeling Glycolic MCCM 30%

MCCM Glycolic Peeling is a fruit acid made from sugar cane, grape or beet extract. Being the smallest of the fruit acid molecules, it has excellent penetration into the skin and effectively stimulates cellular activity.

Dosed at 30% it is recommended to exfoliate. By acting as an enzyme, breaking the intercellular glue connecting the dead cells to each other, leaving a clean and uniform surface. As a result, pores are tightened and skin is more radiant.

Glycolic acid 30% is often recommended before an injection of hyaluronic acid.



  • Elimination of dead skin
  • stimulating Hyaluronic Acid production
  • Firms and tones the skin
  • Unifies the complexion,
  • Visually cleanses and tightens the pores of the skin

30% glycolic peeling promotes cell renewal, boosting fibroblast by boosting collagen and elastin production

Protocol- Peeling Glycolic MCCM 30%


100 ml bottle

Composition of the McCM Glycolic Peeling 30%

  • Glycolic acid 30%

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