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Silhouette Soft 12 cones – Sinclair Pharma

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Silhouette Soft 12 cones is a bioresorbable suture. This product constitutes an exceptional innovation, thanks to its innovative technology based on the 360-degree cone structure. It is a unique treatment to reposition sagging skinof the face and neck. Futhermore, Silhouette Soft 12 cones has a great patient satisfaction.


Silhouette Soft 12 cones restores “the triangle of youth” without surgery by repositioning sagging tissues and stimulating the collagen production. A unique treatment having two effects: immediate repositioning and progressive stimulation of skin collagen. It has an excellent safety and tolerance profile.


Unlike many other tensor threads currently on the market, Silhouette Soft is manufactured in the United States and undergoes numerous health checks.


Silhouette Soft was developed after 6 years of research on permanent tensor threads with cones used in plastic and reconstructive surgery. With more than 150,000 treatments carried out to date,Silhouette Soft has proven its safety and effectiveness around the world.


Silhouette Soft has the CE label for the European market and its manufacturing site complies with the ISO 13485 international standards.



Product use

Silhouette Soft is the only resorbable tensor thread with a two-way cones. The small cones of the thread provide traction and fixation points, a natural reaction to a foreign body later reinforced it by the formation of new collagen. This action is what helps restoring the shape of the face and neck.


With its innovative technology based on the 360-degree cone structure, Silhouette Soft 12 cones provides:


  • Firm anchoring in the skin tissues, thus reducing the risk of migration and adverse effects.
  • Strong retention capacity for an efficient tissue repositioning.
  • Natural body collagen production by the creation of a solid support in the skin tissues.


Indicated to treat:


  • Face
  • Cheeks
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck

Must be carried out by highly qualified practitioners.
The treatment is slightly invasive. It is carried out at your doctor’s office. It induces a low social eviction and a minimal recovery time.


Composition – Silhouette Soft 12 cones

Silhouette Soft tensor threads are made of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a well-known polymer, which is used for many years in various different biomedical and pharmaceutical applications: suture thread, orthopedic pins, stems, rods and nails for bone fractures.

Thanks to the biocompatibility and resorbable properties of this polymer, such uses have been developed.

Quantity per box: 5 packs of 2 units.

USP 3,0
Length 30 cm 27.5 cm 26.8 cm
# cones 8 12 16
Direction of the cones Bi-directional
Space between cones 5 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Material PLGA (cones) and PLLA (mono-filament)
Needle 2 needles of 12cm and 23G


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Weight 200 g


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