FillMed Xha volume 1ml


FillMed Xha volume 1ml

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XHA Volume is a reliable product to fight against aging of the skin. Practically, it raises the depressions forming wrinkles by giving more volume to the skin. Cheekbones, cheeks, chin, nose and face as a whole regain their youth thanks to this filling product. It provides satisfactory and lasting natural effects. Evidence has already testified to the effectiveness of XHA in rejuvenation. Its effectiveness is proven.

XHA Volume ® is a very high quality product, in particular by its high molecular weight, its guarantee of non-animal origin and its superior state of purification.

Product properties
XHA comes from a laboratory of aesthetic medicine, well known in its sector and is endowed with impressive know-how. For this, the results brought by its use are sure and manifest themselves under 3 main properties:

  • Gives volume: the viscous gel of XHA is responsible for this volumizing effect.
  • Makes the skin modellable: the components of XHA provide great suppleness to the skin, facilitating its modeling by the design of harmonious lines. A property that greatly facilitates the work of practitioners.
  • Provides a homogeneous effect: XHA is a homogeneous and consistent product with a uniform density. These characteristics allow a regular and precise injection in order to achieve natural and safe results.

Precautions for use
It is highly recommended to consult a licensed physician trained in the injection of fillers for the use of this product.

The box contains:

XHA is of supreme quality since it was purified during its preparation. In addition, its molecular weight is high and none of its components is of animal origin. Weighing 180g, it essentially contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid in a high concentration of 23 mg / mL. The gelled appearance of the product is due to the presence of a BDDE type crosslinker. The product is delivered with 4 needles of gauge ½ 27G necessary for the injections.


  • Crosslinked HA concentration: 23 mg / mL
  • Crosslinker: BDDE
  • 4 needles of 27 G ½
    Non-animal origin

Additional information

Weight 180 g


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