Yvoire Classic Plus 1 ml


Yvoire Classic Plus 1 ml

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Yvoire Classique Plus 1 ml features a unique technology which explains its incredible effectiveness. This product is recommended to correct facial wrinkles. Yvoire Classic Plus 1 ml hyaluronic acid guarantees total traceability and a safe use. Satisfied or refunded, users furthermore benefit from an express delivery service.

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Yvoire Classic Plus 1 ml

Yvoire Classic Plus 1 ml is appreciated by users for its outstanding ability to reduce facial wrinkles. The growing interest of beauty lovers for this volumiser is linked to its multiple use.


Yvoire Classic Plus 1 ml is a cosmetic product made from hyaluronic acid. The product can treat the lip contour. It can also be used to reshape the forehead or reduce the nasolabial fold. Hyaluronic acid has convincing results in aesthetic treatments of the cheek and temple.

Product use

This dermal treatment can be used safely to correct the fine lines and medium wrinkles of the face. The hyaluronic acid particles are in the form of cross-linked HA for a targeted action on the dermal tissues. This care product corresponds well to the needs of users wishing to maintain the youthful appearance of their face over time.


Yvoire Classic Plus has many virtues, thanks to its innovative cosmetic technology having natural effects. Hyaluronic acid has a targeted action and gives visible results over time.

  • This product is made from ingredients certified with Europe EDQM and FDA and has the CE label.
  • Technology mastered by LG Chem for maximum performance
  • Higher BDDE rate than most of the HA cosmetics sold on the market
  • HICE technology for soft and supple skin
  • The right balance between efficacy and safety according to the results of many clinical trials
  • Safe in-depth action on the skin
  • Above-average pressure resistance
  • Long-lasting, stable HA concentration ensuring a long lifespan

Treated areas

This hyaluronic acid treatment has a targeted action in order to reduce wrinkles and treat the elegance of the skin on different areas:

  • Forehead
  • Cheek
  • Temple
  • Jugal wrinkles
  • Nasolabial fold
  • Marionette lines
  • Chin

Product use – Yvoire Classic Plus

Compliance with the application protocol partly determines the effectiveness of the Yvoire Classic Plus in reshaping the forehead. This treatment must be properly carried out onto the treated areas for a more visible effect.


The injection of the Yvoire Classic Plus is easy to perform. Its effects last between 6 and 7 months. The cross-linking coefficient will be maximised by the HICE technology containing a reduced amount of cross-linking agents. The smooth and homogeneous texture of this product is also due to the uniform size of the particles that it contains.


The hyaluronic acid which is the basic ingredient of the Yvoire Classic Plus is 100% of natural origin. HA is obtained by bio-fermentation of materials of plant-based origin. Thanks to this, the product is more quickly integrated into the skin tissues. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Composition – Yvoire Classic Plus

Yvoire Classic Plus 1 ml contains a relatively stable amount of hyaluronic acid and accentuates innovation with HICE technology.

This skincare product is available in a 1 ml phial to perform a deep injection on the dermis.

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