Yvoire Contour 2 ml


Yvoire Contour 2 ml

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124,90 Excl. Taxes

Yvoire Contour is available in a 2 ml container for a precise application. This product is sold in a packaging with a CE label, proving its authenticity. It is supplied with various essential accessories.Yvoire Contour is used for facial treatments. It is effective thanks to its cross-linked HA particles. Its volumszing effect makes it easy to obtain visible results for a toned and radiant skin. The product provides visible results by reshaping the contour of the lips, cheek and temple.

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Yvoire Contour 2 ml

Yvoire Contour 2ml is a volumiser with great results and within everyone’s reach. This innovative product uses the HICE cross-linking technology for optimal performance. This treatment helps users to regain a youthful face.


Yvoire Contour is used to reshape the nose and chin in order to give them a radiant look. The product provides a smooth and natural finish on the surface of the skin for maximum durability. Yvoire Contour has a good hyaluronic acid content for an in-depth action.

Product use

Yvoire Contour is a skin care cosmetic. The product provides visible results by reshaping the lip contour, cheek and temple. Its volumising effect offers visible results for a toned and radiant skin.


Yvoire Contour has an in-depth effect, and provides visible skin results. The innovative formula of the product meets the needs of users.

  • Innovative Volumiser
  • HICE technology for maximum cross-linking coefficient.
  • Low BDDE content, lower than most HA sold on the market.
  • High elasticity
  • High molecular weight
  • Technology mastered by LG Chem
  • Treatment developed with raw materials certified by Europe EDQM and FDA.

The product can be used safely because of its safety and efficacy. It has a fairly significant resistance to pressure which enables really tangible volumising effect.

Treated areas

The product Contour from the Yvoire product range effectively fights against facial wrinkles and dermal furrows and have long-lasting results.

  • Facial wrinkles
  • Horizontal furrows of the forehead
  • Temples
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Jugo-malary fold
  • Perioral wrinkles
  • Jugal wrinkles
  • Chin

Product use

This product from the Yvoire product range is available in a 2ml container for a precise application. The injection is performed on the dermal tissues using 21G/23G needles. The capacity of the syringe is 2 ml in order to guarantee precision. The injection is performed deep into the dermal folds to ensure a targeted action.

Yvoire Contour – Results

Thanks to the stability of its hyaluronic acid concentration, this treatment offers long-lasting results once injected into the dermal tissues. Yvoire Contour is an innovative volumiser which gives a radiant face. It is ideal for treating facial contours to gain volume. By following the recommended protocol, Yvoire Contour has visible volumising effects and natural results on the skin.


This volumising product contains a stable amount of hyaluronic acid. The product is effective thanks to the cross-linked HA particles. The quality of this treatment is enhanced by the absence of lidocaine in its composition. The product is suitable for users who are looking for a long-lasting effect of 6 to 7 months.

Yvoire Contour – Composition

This product works deep into the dermal tissues to fill in the interstices between the denser molecules. It contains fine particles of HA that boost its effectiveness. Its effect will then be visible on the surface and give the skin a smooth and uniform look.

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