Tax refund

When you visit France, make your purchases on and get a refund of VAT (tax refund) that will significantly reduce the amount of your purchases.

Conditions to benefit from tax refund

The tax refund is a reimbursement of V.A.T. (value added tax) granted to people visiting France for less than 6 months.

To take advantage of the tax refund the amount of purchases including taxes in the same day must be at least equal 175.01 € excluding shipping. Purchased goods must be reserved for personal use and transported in the customer’s luggage.

WARNING : The tax refund is not intended for residents of the European Union, the overseas departments and Monaco. It does not concern students, trainees and immigrant workers living in France, even if they definitely return to their country of origin.

repayment rate

The V.A.T. level on dermal fillers and in general on cosmetics products is 20%. We promise to reimburse you from 10% to 12% of V.A.T. costs if you initiate a tax rebate with us.

Why refund rates at 10% and 12%?

To offset the cost of records, correspondence and management caused by this service rendered :

For a 20% VAT, we refund:

10% for baskets less than 1000 €

12% for baskets over 1000 €

How to benefit from the tax refund?

You place an order on for a minimum amount of 175.01 euros (excluding shipping costs). You send us your demand for tax refund accompanied by the necessary supporting documents to open the file:

  • Photocopy of your passport (pages where you will find the passport number and your address abroad)
  • Or a photocopy of your consular card
  • The bank account identity

These documents can be sent to us by the following means:

  • Mail :

Centrale Fillers Service Client Détaxe 1 rue de la crouzette BP : 20040 34170, Castelnau le lez, France

To speed up the processing of your file, remember to send us these elements – perfectly legible – as soon as your order is validated !

How is this going?

Allow time. Indeed, it is only once your order invoiced that your slips will be sent to you

Upon receipt of these documents and once your package shipped, we will send you the export sales slip with a T envelope (prepaid).

When you leave the European Union, you present to the customs the sales slip received and the invoices corresponding to your purchases.

You then return the pink form covered by the customs // in bold // with the pre-paid T envelope.

You then return the pink form covered by the customs // in bold // with the pre-paid T envelope.

To note :

Your customs clearance must occur within 3 months from the end of the month in which the billing took place.

we invite you for more information to visit the government website.

The use of tax refund is not mandatory. reserves the right to refuse a request for tax refund that does not meet the conditions required in the Official Bulletin of Customs.

We take all the care necessary to update this page. can not however be held responsible for any errors in the content of the above information. In particular, we will not be able to cover any reimbursement in case of non-compliance with administrative procedures or if your order does not meet the criteria necessary to benefit from the tax refund.

You can visit the following website for more details: