The guide to buying dermal fillers online safely


In a flourishing sector, the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit products is inevitable. The worldwide circulation of counterfeits is widespread and poses many problems for the official manufacturers as well as their distributors and of course the end consumers.

  • What tangible signs should be sought to assess the reliability of an online distributor?
  • When one can look at the product physically, how do you distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products?


The global aesthetics market is growing steadily and is worth billions of dollars. Such a market inevitably arouses the desires of fraudulent manufacturers and distributors.

The circulation of counterfeit goods creates some mistrust on the part of consumers. It is advisable to be careful when buying medical devices online.


When searching for online fillers, it is important to know how to distinguish copies from originals. Counterfeit is a product designed to deceive the buyer by giving it the same name as the genuine product. The packaging is almost identical to the original product, which makes it very difficult to distinguish between the two!

The only way to distinguish between a counterfeit product and an authentic product is to have a trained eye and to know the little details that can not be easily reproduced by illegal manufacturers.

Unfortunately, in the aesthetic market counterfeit products are legion and pose great risks for patients. Counterfeit products often contain cheaper ingredients and other unknown substances that can cause a variety of adverse effects, such as allergic reactions, lesions and infections.

It is therefore important to buy fillers from a trusted partner.


When buying fillers online, there are a number of things you need to consider to make sure you buy genuine products from a reliable and responsible seller. In order to help you in your purchases on the internet, we have established for you a list of things to know:

1- Is someone there? ?

The first thing to check when you find an online provider is whether it is possible to contact the company. Is there only one contact form to fill in (hoping for an answer), or is there a phone number you can call? If this is the case, call the company. If you come across a “real” employee, the chances of the company being reliable increase.

2-Product identification ?

Products such as medical devices must be identifiable, so identification using a batch number is required to trace and recall products as needed. In addition, these products must have an expiry date up to which the product can be used safely, it is expressed in months and years. These identifications must always appear on the packaging. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask the seller to give you these items before proceeding with the purchase.

3-Where is the business? ?

When planning to buy fillers online, it may be wise to check where the company is and what products are shipped. If the company is located in the EU, you can do some basic research on the company: EU companies have a tax identification number or VAT. If you look for this number and find the company in official records, then it is a very real and legitimate business.


If the price is too good to be true, it must challenge you. As a general rule, if a product is very heavily discounted from usual market prices, there is a good chance that the product will be counterfeit. Although product prices vary on the market, distributors and importers of genuine dermal fillers all initially purchase these products within a given price range. The result is sales prices with the same order of magnitude. Therefore, if you suddenly encounter a product whose price is well below the general market price, this should alert you!

5- Conditioning and packaging  ?

It is difficult to spot a counterfeit product, because the packaging is almost identical to that of the original product. However, if the product has an official holographic sticker, then it is a good comparison. Other elements are to be found on the packaging, as well as misspellings, translation problems, the use of a different font and characters, badly reproduced logos, incoherent legal notices or poor quality. are all clues that can alert you. Check also the logos certifying compliance with European (CE) and / or national (NF) standards.

6-Social networks ?

Is society present on social networks? If so, it is a sign that the company is official. Try searching the company on different networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, to see if it is active and regularly publishes new publications. If the company regularly updates its profiles and publishes relevant information and images of products, employees and facilities, its credibility will be strengthened. In addition, does the company respond to comments left by customers? If so, it means the company is responsive and someone is on the other end of the line.

7-What do people say? ?

It’s good if a company communicates and talks about it, but it’s even better if someone outside the company says something positive about the company. Look for business recommendations on different evaluation sites, such as Google My Business, or customer testimonials. If evaluations and testimonials are positive and other clients have had good experiences, why hold back? Certainly, not all companies are evaluated, but do you say that if the business is a scam, people will spread the word. Bad experiences travel quickly on the Internet.


The points mentioned above are just some of the things to consider when buying fillers online. In any case, it is always wise to use common sense when looking for these products online. If something seems strange or false, or just too good to be true, distrust is in order!

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