Yvoire Contour 2 ml


Yvoire Contour 2 ml

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Yvoire Contour is available in a 2 ml capacity for a precise application on the skin. This product is supplied in a packaging with the CE Mark. It is supplied with various accessories essential for its use. Yvoire Contour is used for facial care. It owes its effectiveness to its Cross-linked HA particles. Its volumizing effect makes it easy to obtain tangible results for a toned and radiant skin. The product provides directly perceptible results in remodeling lips contour, cheeks and temples.

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Yvoire Contour 2 ml

The volumizer to make the difference is within everyone’s reach with Yvoire Contour 2 ml. This innovative product features HICE crosslinking technology for optimized performance. This treatment helps users reconnect with the youthful beauty & splendor of their face.


Yvoire Contour is used to remodel the nose and chin to give them a resplendent appearance. The product provides a smooth & natural finish for lasting results.


Yvoire Contour provides directly perceptible results in remodeling the contour of the lips, cheeks and temples. Its volumizing effect offers also tangible results for a toned and radiant skin.


Yvoire Contour acts in depth, offering directly visible results on the dermic appearance. The innovative composition of the product responds precisely to users needs.

  • Innovative volumizer
  • HICE technology with maximum crosslinking coefficient
  • Low BDDE content, lower than most marketed HAs
  • High elasticity
  • High molecular weight
  • Technology controlled by LG Chem
  • CE and FDA approved

The product can be used safely. It has a fairly significant pressure resistance for a truly tangible volumizing result.

Targeted areas

Contour Yvoire product range can effectively fight against facial wrinkles and folds for lasting results.

  • Facial wrinkles
  • Forehead lines
  • Temples
  • Bitterness folds
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Juguomolar folds
  • Solar pleated (bar-code)
  • Jugual wrinkles
  • Chin

Protocol of use

This product from the Yvoire range is available in a 2 ml capacity, intented for a precise injection into the skin. The injection is performed at the level of the dermal tissues using 21G / 23G needles. The injection should be performed in the deep dermis.

Results – Yvoire Contour

This treatment offers long lasting results once injected into the dermal tissues thanks to the stability of its hyaluronic acid concentration. Yvoire Contour is an innovative volumizer for a more radiant face. Ideal for treating the contours of the face and gain volume. By following the recommended protocol, Yvoire Contour provides a tangible volumizing effect and a younger  & natural look.


This volumizing product contains a stable amount of hyaluronic acid. The product owes its effectiveness to its Cross-linked HA particles. The product is suitable for users looking for a prolonged effect up to 12 months.

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