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Revival is a French laboratory founded in 2003 and specialized in the use ofhyaluronic acid for the purposes of aesthetic and cosmetic medicine. These devices aim to correct skin and hair problems due to aging.

The Cytocare range

Range Cytocare combines the action ofhyaluronic acid not cross-linked to a rejuvenating complex, CT50. The latter consists ofantioxidants, of vitamins, of minerals and D'amino acids to target specific skin concerns. Choose the products Cytocare to non-invasively rejuvenate your skin and delay the appearance of the effects of aging.

These skin boosters and products of mesotherapy are specially formulated to correct furrows, wrinkles and fine lines, without providing a volumizing effect. They are administered by micro-injection into the superficial or intermediate dermis. Their goal is to provide deep hydration, elasticity and radiance to your skin.

Products Revival are manufactured in France and benefit from ISO 13485 certification. These sterile devices, intended for single use, must be used by a medical professional trained in the techniques of mesotherapy.

Revitacare skinboosters available at Centrale Fillers

The Cytocare 502 is offered specifically for young skin, in patients aged 25 to 35. The laboratory Revival formulated it with the lowest concentration of hyaluronic acid of the whole range Cytocare. It is indicated as a preventive to preserve the natural radiance of your young skin.

This skin booster slows the formation of fine lines and wrinkles while maintaining a good level of skin hydration. It is administered to the face, neck and hands. Centrale Fillers offers you the Cytocare 502 a format 5×5 ml or 10×5 ml.

Revival designed the skin booster Cytocare 516 to treat intermediate-aged skin showing the first signs of aging. It displays 16 mg/ml ofhyaluronic acid not cross-linked. This product will suit you if you are looking to correct superficial wrinkles or restore the elasticity and radiance of your skin.

This skinbooster is used on the face, neck and hands. Find it Cytocare 516 at the house of Centrale Fillers in 5×5 ml And 10×5 ml.

Other Cytocare products at Centrale Fillers

The laboratories of Revival combined the rejuvenating complex CT50 with 32 mg/ml ofhyaluronic acid uncrosslinked to formulate the Cytocare 532. This is the product Cytocare having the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid of the whole range.

It has the same effects as the 2 previous ones. On the other hand, it is intended for patients over 50, and whose skin already shows signs of aging. Cytocare 532 is available from Centrale Fillers a format 5×5 ml And 10×5 ml.

Also find Haircare of Revival at the house of Centrale Fillers. This product of hair mesotherapy is used to treat many scalp and hair problems. If these are dull, brittle, greasy or you suffer from dandruff, this product can help you. It is also used in case of sudden hair loss or in baldness treatment.

Haircare is formulated to hydrate and boost the scalp. It containshyaluronic acid non-crosslinked, trace elements as well as group B vitamins. It can be administered by micro-injections using a needle, of a pen donation or a derma roller. The treatment protocol recommends several spaced sessions carried out by a trained health professional.

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