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Perfectha is a new brand of products made in France developed by the
ObvieLine laboratory. These have been developed to restructure the face, correct
wrinkles and repair skin volumes. Present on the world cosmetics market for several years, it is a range of products that has made
his proofs.
The specificities of the brand:
It is a series of implants based on biodegradable hyaluronic gel. Those-
these are intended to treat the skin after aesthetic medicine procedures. He
can be, for example, the consequences of treatment of lipoatrophy or asymmetry
Moreover, it is a new creation of products made from hyaluronic acid
Cross-linked biphasic BDDEs. The latter was born from the E-Brid technology. Its products have been made to compensate for wrinkles, and retouch the contours of the
face. They also offer some volume to certain treated areas.
In terms of its composition, the range is composed of acid
hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin of 20 mg/l concentrated in the form of a gel. This is mixed with a phosphate buffered saline solution. Other than that, these products are checked and complied with the safety standard. Finally, they are non-toxic and are among the easily injectable solutions because of their
manufacturing technology.
Brand products:
The product range consists of 5 different models from each other at
particle level. It is :
● Perfectha Fine lines ;
● Perfectha Derm ;
● Perfectha Deep ;
● Perfectha Subskin.
● Perfectha Complement.
Each product category is used for different purposes. For example, the Derm makes it possible to accentuate the volume of the edges of the lips. Her
application is done at the level of the hypodermis via an injection. The Deep is reserved for the restructuring of the deep lines of the face or the cheekbones, and
is injected into the deep dermis. Subskin is recommended for hand and face contours, as well
than the malar areas. However, it can be used to treat certain areas of the
chin and maxillary bones. Perfectha Fine Lines treats wrinkles and peri-
orbitals. It applies to the superficial dermis. Finally, Perfectha Supplement
is indicated in case of superficial sagging of the skin.
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