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Bcn institute

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BCN Institute
BCN Institute is a Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in the
mesotherapy. It designs, develops and markets products and equipment for
quality for various types of processing. It is now present in nearly 5
continents and 65 countries. He is a professional who has been practicing for more than fifteen
years in the global market. Associated with about 5 other institutes, it creates its
products according to manufacturing standards and quality requirements.
The missions of the BCN Institute
The BCN Institute provides and collaborates with industry professionals from
aesthetics and doctors in mesotherapy treatments. She develops
on the one hand, mesoceuticals, and on the other, materials suitable for the application
of these. Of pharmaceutical quality, the various products of the institute are
ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 certified.
Mesoceuticals are mesotherapeutic products used for
aesthetic. They form the basis of the laboratory products. They result from
several years of research resulting from the original formula of mesotherapy.
Indeed, they make it possible to correct several aesthetopathies of the face. The scars
of the face, the aging of skin cells can be treated thanks to these
products. Skin flaccidity and even hair loss are among the
ailments they cure.
The BCN Institute also develops various materials to facilitate the use of
mesoceuticals. This is the Meso Pen or Meso Roller. This allows the opening of
nearly 1,000 skin micro-channels per second. These micro-traumas carried out
on the skin make it possible to repair it and stimulate the creation of elastin and
collagen. This product also stimulates the penetration of active ingredients and allows
eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.
Mesotherapy by BNC Institute
The BNC Institute offers micro-mesotherapy and virtual mesotherapy. There
micro-mesotherapy is a method that stems from traditional mesotherapy
involving the Meso Pen. It can treat and relieve many
diseases of the body, but more particularly the face. It also helps to make
disappear stretch marks and scars and accelerates skin rejuvenation.
Virtual mesotherapy is giving way to transdermal systems like
electroporation, vacuum therapy or direct and galvanic currents. She
allows direct absorption of the pure active ingredients used in the
traditional mesotherapy through the skin. It is a personalized treatment that
provides immediate results, without pain, and without side effects.
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