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Revanesse is a range of dermal fillers developed and
marketed by the Canadian company Prollenium. Present in nearly 80
countries, it is a range developed to correct and blur the different
facial blemishes.
Why choose this brand?
It is a set of non-invasive products made from acid
hyaluronic. It is based on a state-of-the-art production process and components
optimal solutions that achieve significant results.
The range of fillers benefits from Thixofi technology. It's here
most improved cross-linking technique on the market. Indeed, thanks to
the special formula of this product, the molecular assets that constitute it allow
reduce the risk of allergic reactions. They help to bind water to fill the
losses suffered by our skin.
In addition, this brand is distinguished from other brands by the components of its
all-natural products of non-animal origin. Thanks to the molecular weight
high hyaluronic acid used in the products, the results obtained by the
treatments are long-lasting. In addition, the benefits of the brand are numerous. In
effect, these products rejuvenate, smooth the skin, and provide an effect
lifting, remodeling, firming.
What are Revanesse products?
The products of the Revanesse brand come in 6 categories:
 Revanesse Pure, ideal for nourishing and filling sagging areas of the
face ;
 Revanesse Classic, indicated to improve imperfections due to wrinkles;
 Revanesse Kiss, recommended for lip augmentation;
 Revanesse Ultra; recommended to add volume and restructure the
face ;
 Revanesse Contour, to treat bulky areas with contouring
 Revanesse Shape to restore volume to deep tissue areas.
The hyaluronic acid present in Revanesse products is obtained by
biosynthesis. Therefore, they are reliable and biocompatible to the human body. They are
also composed of a small amount of endotoxin (0.025 IU/mg) ensuring their
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