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Stylage is a new range of fillers developed by the
Vivacy laboratory. Designed using patented IPN-Like technology, it is a
device used in the field of aesthetic medicine. Therefore, it requires
the intervention of a health professional. True innovation is a formula
special formulated to give a second youth to the skin.
Why choose Stylage?
Stylage is a monophasic solution for injection composed mainly of acid
hyaluronic, combined with antioxidants like sorbitol and mannitol.
Entirely biodegradable, the presence of these two active ingredients stabilizes
the action of the main component, hyaluronic acid. Moreover, the latter
brings more properties to the product. Indeed, sorbitol is responsible for the
water retention, providing the effect of hydration of the treated area.
In addition, Stylage is a range suitable for all skin types and for all
ages. It offers several benefits for the face. It treats wrinkles, moisturizes the skin
in depth, and completes the sagging parts of it. Furthermore, it stimulates the
production of collagen responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Styling improves
also the density of the lips and labial commissures. Other than that, this product
improves the skin tissue in depth and on the surface.
What are the products in the Stylage range?
The Stylage range is made up of different types of products that allow you to
correct skin imperfections. The Stylage Classic (Special Lips, S, M, L) with
or without Lidocaine consists of products recommended to fill wrinkles. He
can be applied to the hand, eyes, forehead or mouth. He
also plumps up lips. Volumizing Styling (XL and XXL) is
composed of products used to reshape the chin and the oval of the face.
The Hydration and Revitalization Styling (Hydro and Hydro Max) is for preventive use
and healing of skin tissue. This category gives the opportunity to improve
skin hydration and elasticity. It is also used for treatment
in mesotherapy. The targeted areas are, among others, the hands, the décolleté, the neck
as well as the face.
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