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Allergan is a world renowned pharmaceutical company. Allergan develops and markets medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and biological solutions and products in multiple fields. There cosmetic surgery is one of its areas of expertise.

The Allergan brand and its hyaluronic acid injection products

Its headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland, but Allergan also has two sites in France, including a commercial headquarters in Paris La Défense. Allergan also has a research and development and production center in Annecy. It is also in this city that all the so-called fillers based onhyaluronic acid Allergan are designed.

At the house of Centrale Fillers, you will find two ranges of hyaluronic acid fillers Allergan. They are often composed of syringes pre-filled andneedles for single use. As a reminder, their content should only be administered by a duly trained professional.

Allergan's Surgiderm range with hyaluronic acid

The products of the range Surgiderm d’Allergan, based oninjection of hyaluronic acid, are effective on the contour of the face. They can also be applied to the lips, forehead, nose or cheeks, depending on the product.

As we age, the skin begins to show signs of aging. Here the Surgiderm 24XP d’Allergan helps restore hydration and volume to tired skin and fills in medium skin depressions. This product Allergan particularly blurs wrinkles on the forehead, nasolabial folds, around the cheeks, mouth and lips.

When wrinkles are more evident, the Surgiderm 30 d’Allergan is the best product filler cosmetics l’hyaluronic acid use. It is particularly effective on bitterness folds and nasolabial folds. This brand product Allergan also helps to regain facial volume. In addition, he also creates on the contour of the face, at the level of the cheeks, the chin and the cheekbones.

As to Surgiderm 30XP laboratories Allergan, it is used as a filling solution for moderate to deep wrinkles. This product is designed for application on all wrinkles and folds of the entire face.

Allergan Juvederm with hyaluronic acid: give your face a second youth

The range of products based onJuvederm hyaluronic acid d’Allergan helps fight against the signs of skin aging.

If you are looking for a product for the mouth area, Allergan has the product you need. THE Juvederm Ultra smile d’Allergan helps to restore volume in the corners of the mouth, lips and their contour.

When the lower part of your face tends to sag, bet on Juvederm Volux  and its technology Vycross. It guarantees you a lifting and revitalizing effect without surgery.

For wrinkled areas that do not require a volume effect, choose the Juvederm Volift. Its Vycross technology helps eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and sagging eyebrows. In addition, this treatment also blurs the nasolabial folds and folds of bitterness as well as reshaping the lips to make them fuller. THE Juvederm Volift Retouch  ideally used in addition to Juvederm Volift d’Allergan for a quick and convincing result.

Your face may lose volume due to fine lines and wrinkles that form with age. THE Juvederm Love compensates for this lack. Thanks to its moisturizing action, it allows to find a supple and young skin with a natural effect.

Finally, discover the Juvederm Volbella. This product from the same brand targets wrinkles between the so-called lion eyebrows and those around the mouth. It also restores the hydration of the lips and helps to redefine their contour.

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